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Writers have preferences – no question about it. The tools we write with make or break our creative flow, whether it’s a pen or the paper.  When my favorite pen, which I had written with for a year and a half, finally died,  it took me days to find a pen worthy enough to write in my favorite notebooks. Sounds melodramatic, but it did make a difference. I’ve written a post before about writing tools, which included tools I use during editing, my favorite reference books, etc. This post will be what I write with, like my favorite pen and notebook type, and, as always, it’s time for my list.

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  • jot Pens
    This is probably the cheapest pen you can get. I got them at Dollar General because I thought they were pretty. Probably spent more on a toilet paper roll than I did these pens. Regardless, the ball point pens are awesome. I love them, and they come in different colors, which is always a plus. Cheap and awesome – can’t get any better than that.


  • Cambridge Notebooks – Mead
    Mead has a long list of foreign brand notebooks, which I seem to always have an issue finding in any store of Alabama, but that could just be because I live in Alabama. Anyway, I got these notebooks for Christmas from my grandmother, who also has an odd obsession with collecting notebooks and pens. They were the plastic front 8 x 11 regular Cambridge notebooks. I have six of those, plus one Cambridge Limited hardback (featured in the picture) 8 x 11, and four Cambridge Limited 8 x 4 plastic front notebooks. I love them, and they’re the only ones I will ever use to write in, though I have never tried a moleskine… may need to add that later. These notebooks are very pricey, and it tends to be a hassle trying to find the exact kind you’re looking for (I provided a size, in case anyone wants to try them out. Makes it a bit easier), but the money is well worth it.


  • Scrivener
    Once again, I will never ever, ever, ever, ever use anything but Scrivener. It is the most superior piece of word processor I have ever used in my life. It has typewriter mode, which I use religiously, and I can separate scenes into different text files, which provides for much easier organization. I left Microsoft Word, and I haven’t looked back.

These are the tools of my trade. I also have a typewriter, but I don’t know enough about them to really comment on what I think the best kind is.  Regardless, these are my favorite tools. Now, for my favorite part of any blog post, what tools do you use? What are your favorite pens? Notebooks? Typewriter? Comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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