The Mind, the Body: Dig my eyeball out with a spoon, and love it

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The Mind, the Body
Out today!

Want to read a bit before you buy?

The Mind, the Body: Heterochromia – A short story teaser.

The_Mind_the_BodyThe Mind, the Body
by Alyssa Hubbard
Cover Art by Cover Bistro (Jessica Richardson)

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Rating: *****
“I’ve never been able to say that I actually felt emotions when reading a story, but I did with this one. The detail that Alyssa includes in her books can make you feel like you are there in that exact moment. I had to stop reading this book and come back to it because of the great detail that overtook my emotions. I have read it again since the initial reading and still enjoy it. If you are looking for a very detailed, in the moment story, you’ve got to read The Mind, the Body!”
-GoodReads Review

Genre: Horror

Published: October 1, 2014

About: Perhaps what people fear isn’t hiding in the shadows, but standing in the light.

The Mind, the Body is a collection of short stories, featuring a rusty spoon, a crow-nosed piano player, a starving wolf, two sets of fingernails, a pair of best friends, and a man made of ash. A bit of blood and folklore tied together to make a little book of horror. Fear is more than monsters and ghost stories. What we fear most is often times what lurks within us.

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As an avid writer and poet, Alyssa Hubbard explores the earthly and spectral talismans that carry us from life to death and back again through her work. As the darkness within makes its way from pen to paper, she finds room for more joyous activities, such as sampling new ice cream flavors, singing in public, and geeking out over the latest anime. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, works in Digital Marketing, and has been writing (professionally) for 8 years. Her work has been featured in literary journals and magazines such as Adanna, The Coffin Bell, and many others.


  1. God luck with your book Lissy! Your writing is wonderfully lyrical, so it will capture people as soon as they start reading.

    1. Thank you so much Ann! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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