My Presentation at a Middle School

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Writers truly don’t realize how much their books mean to people.

I went to a middle school on November 1st to talk about how one becomes a writer, while also encouraging the students to follow their dreams. When I initially came in, most of the students had no clue who I was. Then the teacher announced who I was, naming one of the stories I wrote for Humans and Their Creations, which she had also read to her class.

The room erupted in excitement.

One of the students continuously asked, “Really? Really? The author is here? Really?”

They were all so excited, and I was completely taken aback. Once I had gone over my presentation, the room erupted with questions ranging from where I was from to how one goes about creating characters. They were so excited and so passionate about being heard and asking questions, I couldn’t help but feel excited as well.

I don’t think I’ve hugged and high-fived so many people before in my life, but the best part of it all was hearing one student say, “You’re my hero.”

I don’t know why I was a hero, but I achieved what I had set out to do. I made a child feel as if they could do it, and that is all I wanted to achieve. I wish I could have stuck around and had a bit more fun with the kids, but unfortunately I had to go. I look forward to going to even more places and meeting even more passionate students as my time as a writer goes on, but this experience is definitely one for the record books.

There were so many wonderful kids, we almost didn't have room.

There were so many wonderful kids, we almost didn’t have room.

The only picture I'm actually in. Can you spot me?

The only picture I’m actually in. Can you spot me?


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  1. There you go, giving us all hope for the future of writing. 🙂

    1. I’m doing my best, though I’m not sure if I really accomplished anything or if it was my own ego making the entire experience more than it actually was, but I’m just going to assume the former. 🙂

      Thank you for such kind words!

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