How to Find the Time to Write

Life can be busy, busy, busy, and finding time between social networking, real life, and possibly a job/school, can make it hard to do the one thing you need to be doing constantly:


If you want to be a writer, all you have to do is write, but as much as we would like to think that we can just sit and write all day everyday, it’s usually not possible. So, I have made up a detailed list of things you can do to utilize every available second you have free to continue doing what we all love most: writing.

Now, get your spears ready, and onward to the list!

    Even if you have a laptop, I have found that I’m less likely to pull it out in public than to just take out a notebook. It’s strange, but it seems like too much work. Regardless, I always have a tiny notebook with me, so when there’s a slow moment or I have to wait on something, then I can just whip that baby out and get to writing. Every second counts, and even if you can’t write anything, but a single sentence, write that sentence down with complete abandon. It will be better than writing nothing at all.
    If you have some time at home, but have to divide your time between activities, get yourself an egg timer. My last semester of college, I had reading assignments. So, I would set an egg timer, read for 30 minutes, then write for 30 minutes, and go back and forth until it was time to do something else. BUT. If you don’t have an egg timer, nor do you have college work to do, wash clothes. Pop a load of laundry into the washing machine or dryer, then write until the timers go off. Then, fold and transfer the laundry around. When you’re done, get back to writing. This can also be done with a dish washer and an oven (if you’re cooking). It’s the small parts of life that are the easiest to utilize.
    Sometimes, it’s not that we don’t have enough time to write, it’s that we’re distracted by other things. Find a room, turn off the cell phone, lock the door and get to writing. A quiet room with no distractions is a blessing to any writer, so take advantage of it.

Like I said before, a writer is just someone who writes. These are small everyday tasks and routines that can be easily implemented into most lifestyles, which will help you become a better and more consistent writer. Now, for my favorite part of any blog post, questions! What do you do to keep writing? Do you use these techniques? Do you have any other techniques not on this list? Have a question? Let me know, and comment below!

Thanks for reading.


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As an avid writer and poet, Alyssa Hubbard explores the earthly and spectral talismans that carry us from life to death and back again through her work. As the darkness within makes its way from pen to paper, she finds room for more joyous activities, such as sampling new ice cream flavors, singing in public, and geeking out over the latest anime. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, works in Digital Marketing, and has been writing (professionally) for 8 years. Her work has been featured in literary journals and magazines such as Adanna, The Coffin Bell, and many others.


    1. Exactly, and I am the same way. The moment my eyes open, I get to writing. Usually, because the day hasn’t started yet, and there are a lot less things to distract me.

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