Drawn to Oregon – The Mystery and the Dream

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All of my life, I have always told myself I would never leave the state of Alabama.

Good ole southern home of mine.
Right below that Dixie line.
Where it rains for days, but the sun still shines.
Mmm, yes. This home of mine.

(Made that up on the spot. Pretty proud of myself).

But lately I’ve been drawn to other places. I’m looking at the big picture and want to broaden my horizons.

Not too far, mind you. While I would love to travel out of the country, that is beyond my means right now. I can barely afford a cup of ramen noodles, much less a plane ticket. Though I still couldn’t afford to do it, I’ve been struck with the need to go to Portland, Oregon.

Yep. Portland, Oregon.

I’ve only recently learned that there are no taxes, which only strengthens my resolve to live there for an extended amount of time, but even before I heard that wonderful tid bit, I’ve wanted to go. If not live there, I at least want to vacation up there.

It’s strange, but it’s one of those things that I’ve always been drawn to do. Destiny? Fate? I’m not sure, but I know it is most certainly a dream of mine.

Dreams and writing are two things that have kept me motivated and active in life. Without dreams and goals to aspire to, I would surely just wither away at a dead-end job in a sweaty corner of Alabama, but I’ve found that most of my dreams are short-termed and probably won’t carry me too far into the future. Is anyone else like that, or am I just some oddity of the world?

While all of my friends from high school are getting married, I’m planning trips to Portland and looking for residencies where I can just write day-in and day-out. Do you feel like that? Do you have similar dreams?

Comment below, and please let me know. I’d love to hear from you all.

In the meantime, here are a few of my dreams/goals for life. These will probably change, and the list is guaranteed to grow, but we’ll see where life takes me:

  • Visit or live in Portland, Oregon
  • Attend a book festival (preferably the AL, GA, or TN ones)
  • Graduate college
  • Apply for a writing residency
  • Publish as many books as I can before my hands fall off
  • Learn to write with my feet if the bullet point above occurs
  • Write and publish until I die
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit Germany
  • Get married
  • Have kids
  • Live a happy and fulfilling life

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment below! I can’t get enough support and discussion from readers or passer-bys. Regardless, thank you so much for your time.


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  1. You will go far in life. Follow your dreams.

  2. My dreams, I find, don’t carry me too far into the future either. Good on you for taking a big step.
    I’ve been to Portland. It’s beautiful – especially if you’re like me and you dig the overcast weather. You’ll have to go to Powell’s City of Books. Powell’s is to die for.
    When do you think you’ll move out?

    1. Within the next three years. If I can, I’ll get my masters in Oregon.

      I love overcast and I’ve heard great things about Powell’s. I do plan on going up there even before I graduate college, so hopefully it won’t be long before I can see it all first hand.

      1. What do you hope to get your master’s in?

  3. Good dreams. Good luck.

  4. Your voice is sincere. Passionate. You’ll achieve all your dreams/goals.

    1. Thank you so much. That means more than you know.

      Happy reading, and happy writing.

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