“Words, Words, Words,” a Poem

Originally published (February 2, 2014) by scissors & spackle.

Falling, lifting, jumping, tumbling, writing, reading words on paper, pages, paper, pages. Pacing words to find words to find words to find fine dining, lining the streets with gold nickels and brass plating.

Plating, feigning and raining open worlds, open worlds, curl and unfurl, furling, furling, furling outward.

Out, out, and in, out and in, out and in, in, in, in, inside the mind of a rhyme, slant rhyme, can’t rhyme, rhyming for the sake of a rhyme.

Fine, find me, find me, hide me, cajole me, grip me, and pull me, till I can’t breathe. Till I can’t breathe. Till I can’t breathe. Until you breathe in a steady breath, breathing breaths within my breast of breath, breathing, breathing, breathing.

Stealing words, feeling words, kissing words, kissing lips, hips, strips of gold and stone. Stone and gold, gold of stone, God of stone, idols in piles of ash and rubble. Rumbling, tumbling, slipping, falling.

Falling into stone, stoning, stoning a woman in the street of the middle east. East, west, right, left, foot, feet, arms, legs, nose, liver, shiver.

Shivering in the snow, the weather, the weather, the weather, changing. Changing as a changeling, forever changing, like the weather, like your breathing, breathing, steady beats of a heart, breathing, heart breathing, breathing heart.

Pum, pum, pump of the heart. Pum, pum, pump. Pump the blood, blood inside of a pump, flooding the arteries, the veins as steady lanes paved in blue and blue and blue and red.

Red word read steady led, led steady outside. Outside is to hide as hiding is the steady finding of finds and treasures.

Treasures of feathers floating flying and careening from the sky. Feathering, floating, unfurling, flying into the sky, sky of flying clouds.

Clouds clouding the clarity. Campus wide panic of camping on campus, feathering and floating outward. Out and about, out and about, lending words and words lending sounds, sounds lending pounds and pounds and pounds of meaning. Meaning no meaning, meaning lack of meaning, meaning some meaning, meaning meaning meaning meaning.

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