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Originally published (November 30, 2016) in Five:2:One Magazine.

We like to pretend like we don’t care,

🙂 JK LOL <3

We actually care a lot more than we’d like to admit,

🙂 JK LOL <3

We pretend to be educated, pretend to be rich, pretend to be tall, strong, blond, tan,

🙂 JK LOL <3


we base the


on Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl.

We’re witty like

Sherlock <3

, we’re funny like

LOL-Cat 🙂










Living life just to trend for an instant.

🙂 JK LOL <3

Filtering pic after pic




Look at me, look at me, look at me.




Look @Me

Look @MyPics

Look @MyFace

Look @MyProf

Look @MyLikes

Look @MyFollowers

Look @MyFriends

Look @MyStalkers

Look @MyBoobs

Look @MyButt

Look @MyTags


I don’t like that word.


Pics of me

<3 100 Followers <3

That don’t look like me.

<3 500 Followers <3

I don’t like these followers.


These strangers.





All I see,



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