Game Review | Catherine

Lissywrites/ July 7, 2014/ Game Reviews/ 0 comments

WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. First a little background on the game Catherine, as described on the Catherine Wiki: Catherine is an M-rated horror/romance/puzzle/adventure video game from Atlus USA, released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is developed by the same team that created Persona 3 and Persona 4: Katsura Hashino as Director, Shigenori Soejima as Character Designer,

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Game Review | Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Lissywrites/ June 16, 2014/ Game Reviews/ 0 comments

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post about what I’ve learned from video games and how that can be applied to writing. I’ve actually written two others, one about Minecraft another about Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. As it has happened with so many other gamers, life has snuck up and taken away my lovely game

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Game Review | Minecraft

Lissywrites/ December 10, 2013/ Game Reviews/ 0 comments

I’m embarrassed to say that only a few days ago I finally bought myself minecraft. I’ve played the pocket edition demo and enjoyed watching my friends and favorite let’s players play it, but never had I played the actual game myself before. I can’t believe I have lived so long never having played it. Better late than never, I suppose.

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Short Story | “Belladonna”

Lissywrites/ February 21, 2021/ Original Work, Short Stories/ 0 comments

Originally published (November 1, 2020) by Coffin Bell volume 3, issue no.4 Mythopoeia. My boyfriend’s name was Stephen. Stephen worked in a botanical lab where they frequently researched new and evolving plant life. When Stephen would come home, he filled his evenings with discussions on flowers. He adored beautiful things, flowers being one of his favorites. “One of my colleagues

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Short Story | “The Racist is Always Right”

Lissywrites/ August 24, 2020/ Original Work, Short Stories/ 0 comments

Originally published (September 2016) in Geeky Press’s Bad Jobs and Bullshit: It’s Unlikely We’ll Be Missed. I worked at a large chain department store in the southeast. We specialized in everything outdoors, from guns to swim trunks, which catered well to the caveman-like conspiracy theorists and government haters alike. He was an elderly man named Eddy. As a self-proclaimed Christian,

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Short Story | “Lilith”

Lissywrites/ June 25, 2020/ Original Work, Short Stories/ 0 comments

Originally published (August 2017) in Adanna. Lilith lived in the stairwell. Cast in bronze, she was a rendering of the female form, caged within the walls of a gaudy bed and breakfast The Garden Estates. She had been cast in a delicate, demure pose. Her hands held her face as if she was too embarrassed to meet anyone’s gaze. She

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Poem | “Words, Words, Words”

Lissywrites/ August 3, 2020/ Original Work, Poems/ 0 comments

Originally published (February 2, 2014) by scissors & spackle. Falling, lifting, jumping, tumbling, writing, reading words on paper, pages, paper, pages. Pacing words to find words to find words to find fine dining, lining the streets with gold nickels and brass plating. Plating, feigning and raining open worlds, open worlds, curl and unfurl, furling, furling, furling outward. Out, out, and

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Poem | “JK LOL”

Lissywrites/ July 20, 2020/ Original Work, Poems/ 0 comments

Originally published (November 30, 2016) in Five:2:One Magazine. We like to pretend like we don’t care, 🙂 JK LOL <3 We actually care a lot more than we’d like to admit, 🙂 JK LOL <3 We pretend to be educated, pretend to be rich, pretend to be tall, strong, blond, tan, 🙂 JK LOL <3 But IRL we base the

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Poem | “The Telltale Heart”

Lissywrites/ July 13, 2020/ Original Work, Poems/ 0 comments

Originally published (April 27, 2016) in The Highlander. Clot, clot, clot,The heart,The artery,The left and the right,Stuff the trunks and the arches,Cave in the vena cava,Slip into the segment where the secrets are,Where the paling pulmonary:Beats, beats, beats.Batter the beating heart until it bleeds,Bleeds out the secrets and the tales,Hidden deep, deep down in the apex,Echoing in the atrium.Pump, pump

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