Snow Black Prologue – A Danganronpa (Sonia x Tanaka) Fic

Day 16

You’re still asleep. I like to read to you, even though I’m not sure if you’re still listening. I read a little bit from Snow White today. You’d probably call me silly, reading to you from such an optimistic fairy tale, but I like to think it could come true, you know? I’m naïve. I’m embarrassed by myself sometimes. I just wonder if you are listening, if you do hear me, that if you hear about Snow waking up after having true love’s kiss, that maybe you will do the same. I haven’t tried to kiss you, yet. It’s hard. I never even had the chance to tell you how I feel.

And even back then, when I had the chance, I wouldn’t call what I felt “love.” I really liked you, though. I wanted to tell you ghost stories from my country. I wanted to go on a regular date with you. The kind that ordinary girls go on with their lovers. I suppose that’s too idealistic. Even so, I can’t help admitting that I want it. I want to admit to you that I love you. It’s strange. We have yet to have a conversation that is even remotely romantic in nature, yet I have fallen deeply in love with you. I hope when you do wake up, that you won’t find me strange. It is odd, isn’t it? To fall in love with someone who is comatose?

It’s a little sad, too… to fall in love with someone who may never wake up. That’s why I read Snow White. These fairy tales have to have some truth to them, right? They have to come from somewhere. I am not a prince, but I am a princess. It’s close enough. One day I’ll find the strength to wake you up. I’ll bring you back. You’re listening, aren’t you?

They describe Snow as being pale and beautiful, and she loves animals. You would probably be embarrassed to hear it, but I think of you every time I read about her. You would probably prefer something scary. Like Snow Red. Maybe something darker, like Snow Black. I could see you in the snow where I am from. Standing there with your Divas of Darkness. I can’t help imagining you so sad, though. Are you lonely where you are? Can you hear me? I’ll bring the Divas with me tomorrow, but today I’ll just read. I hope you can hear me. I don’t want you to be lonely.

Tanaka? Do you even know who I am, I wonder? Do you remember me? Do you remember?

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