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Welcome back to another repost. This original post was essentially me coming to terms with the fact that I am a nerd and like writing fanfiction about all the things. If you’ve been here a while, then, you already know I post fanfiction. If not, welcome! I post fanfiction.

However, most of the fanfiction on here was written around 4 years ago. My writing style has changed, and I feel that I have a much better grasp on writing in general. As such, not only will I continue posting fanfiction, but I will be going back and editing any old fanfiction on here, on my fanfiction.net account, as well as on all the other various fanfic websites.

Let me go ahead and apologize to those who have been following my fanfictions. A lot of them were just left to die without any continuation, and I’m sorry you will be getting no updates until they have been worked over again. Let me assure you, though, I will be working  on them again. Future chapters inbound!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I must confess that I started out making up fan stories about Star Trek and didn’t have the courage to go with it, so I made up my own ship and wrote the plots for them. It’s actually easier in one way, because although the world and the characters are made up for you, you are constrained by it. With my own world and my own ship I can do anything.

    I think fan fiction is hard because of those constraints, so all power to you if you can do it.

  2. Maybe you should look into posting your fanfiction on a new website called Archive of our Own, or AO3. It hosts more mature readers and writers, and allows more freedom to the writers, like a higher rating scale and a more in-depth tagging system.

    1. I am honored to be the one who introduced you, and thank you for the support. I just hope it won’t be a flop, and that all of my other supporters will continue to support me, despite their stance on fanfic.

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