The Girl Who Doesn’t Care, Cares A Lot

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I’ve always thought I was comfortable in my own skin. I don’t embarrass easily. As I demonstrate in the picture below: I’m willing to make a fool of myself for the sake of a laugh. Here I was, at my job, wearing two tree skirts – one as a poncho, one as a skirt – and a matching camo hat

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Why I love to read?

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When I was I bored, I read Junie B. Jones and laughed at her antics. When my sister was sick and away in the hospital, I could pretend she was staying with Amelia Bedelia and would be coming home soon. When my parents were divorcing, I realized it wasn’t as scary as the Goosebumps books stuffed beneath my bed. When

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My Birthday Giveaway (21 years in the making)!

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Howdy y’all! Today just so happens to be my 21st birthday, and rather than drown myself in legal alcohol purchases, I have decided to give a gift to YOU… er, well, FIVE of you, that is. My book The Mind, the Body, a horror short story collection, came out last year in October. I purchased five author copies, signed them, and

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How I define my writing style

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It’s… contemplative. Introspective. Thoughtful. It is what most would call… Boring. Most people wouldn’t dare define their own writing as boring, but I’m doing just that. Why? Because it says a lot about who I am. While we’re told not to take bad reviews personally, and I tend not to, I do find it interesting that when I see a

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I have failed, and I’ll probably fail again

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Being an independent writer, I often times forget that I can fail, and when I do I often have trouble admitting so. It’s not that I don’t like failing… I mean, I don’t, who does? But what I’m getting at is most of the time failing doesn’t bother me. It didn’t used to, anyway. Most of it is because my

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The teachers are failing. Not us.

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I don’t tend to make rant posts (too often, anyway), but while sitting in the lobby of one of my school buildings, I happened to listen in on a conversation between a student and a teacher. Often times, our teachers don’t meet with us in their offices. Why? I couldn’t tell you, but this particular discussion was probably better placed

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The Mind, the Body: Dig my eyeball out with a spoon, and love it

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The Mind, the Body Out today! Want to read a bit before you buy? The Mind, the Body: Heterochromia – A short story teaser. The Mind, the Body by Alyssa Hubbard Cover Art by Cover Bistro (Jessica Richardson) eBook Versions: Kindle: $0.99! Nook: $0.99! Kobo: $0.99! Apple: $0.99! Smashwords: $0.99! Paperback: Amazon Barnes & Noble Reviews:  Rating: ***** “I’ve never been able to say that

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The Mind, the Body: Heterochromia – A short story teaser

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Copyrighted © 2014 Alyssa Hubbard This short story is part of The Mind, the Body, my horror / body horror short story collection. It can be pre-ordered or purchased October 1, 2014. Enjoy! “Heterochromia” Alyssa Hubbard I was born in a family of five blue-eyed, blonde-haired southern gentlemen. My mother was decidedly absent for most of my life, having been one

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I’m an introvert, and I’m happy

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Introvert – not synonymous with shyness. An introvert is not characterized by being shy, though that does not mean they aren’t. An introvert is someone who finds people, and interacting with them, to be physically and mentally draining, preferring to be alone to recharge. An introvert is not constantly in a state of depression and should not be characterized as

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