Writing During the Holidays

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The holidays are a time with friends and family. Many of you probably have time to take off. This would be a perfect time for more writing, right? Well, yes, but I have found that this holiday season has been the least productive for me writing-wise. That is a huge fail on my part. The holiday season is an ideal time to write, and let’s talk about why.

Holidays are about the people

Like we’ve discussed multiple times, writing relies heavily on the characters. As a result, you should focus just as heavily on the character development. A perfect way to make your characters more realistic is to spend time with people. What better time to do that than during the holidays? I could’ve leveraged this opportunity to strengthen my characters and their relationships with each other.

Maintaining discipline

Writing requires discipline. In order to achieve goals and get published, it’s important to maintain strict, but reasonable goals. Holidays are a great time to break that discipline. We owe it to ourselves as writers to push through the temptation. This is an ideal to keep up with your writing. Take advantage of the downtime, write more than you ever have before.

Powerful moments to capture

Along with taking advantage of the people, the holidays are a great time to take advantage of the situations and the moments. When all of these people come together that may not always come together, unique moments may occur. This is a great time to capture some of those unique moments.

Ultimately, write, write, write. Every day is a perfect day to write, and the holidays are no exception. Next year, I hope to give you all a much better report then. Until then, happy writing!


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