I started this blog during my senior year of high school (2011 – 2012) with the intent of documenting my journey to publication. Here I am now with publication credits, but the journey isn’t over yet. As I publish and the industry changes, I want to share what I’ve learned, any tips and tricks I may have, and all the experiences I have had along the way. I want this to be a blog by a writer for writers — a writer helping writers.

On this blog, I hope you will find stories, tips on writing your first draft, editing for the first, second, or third time, examples on how to query, cover letter examples, and finally, how to get published. However, we’re not all shop here. I also hope I can share my successes and failures, my stories and poetry, along with anything else that may tickle my fancy (I’m a pretty big nerd, so expect lots from geek culture). I hope you will share yours, too, so we can laugh, cry, and support each other. If following via email or WordPress isn’t your thing, please feel free to check out my social media:

I try to post here every week on Monday and Friday, 10:00 a.m. CST. Though I post randomly on occasion, and it goes without saying I may miss a Monday, Friday, or two. In addition, I try to post on social media once every day (though Tumblr gets neglected most of the time). So if you have something you’d like to share privately or any suggestions/questions, please feel free to hit me up on my contact page. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Happy writing!